LEFTY Tritan Spork

The LEFTY Tritan spork is one of the nice tools that prove invaluable when you’re out camping or when you’re travelling. It’s a combination of a spoon and a fork. While the traditional spork was a weird thing that had a useless tiny fork, the spork from Light My Fire is different. One end of the spork is a spoon and the fork is on the other end, so you’re getting a decent sized utensil that is actually useful. The pack contains two of these sporks and the one we’re talking about is designed for left handed use. Continue reading

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Fiskars 94337097 Left Handed Scissors For Kids

The Fiskars 94337097 is a pair of left handed scissors designed for kids. They’re pointed and they have a 5 inch softgrip. If you have a left handed kit that is at least four years old, then this pair of scissors was designed for him/her. This brand is the most recommended by teachers and thanks to their softgrip handle they can be used comfortably and for extended periods of time. Continue reading

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Left Handed Keyboards

We all know that technology knows no limits when coming to inventions, perpetual development and frequent breakthroughs. More and more, the IT industry develops new stuff, as well as it improves older one. As few as one might think that can be discussed concerning the computer keyboards, one must also know that nowadays there are keyboards designed for the left handed persons, while, some time ago, no one would think of such, or even consider this a thing that is worth mentioning. Continue reading

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Left Handed Golf Clubs

A very popular sport, golf, couldn’t be played fairly by everybody until not too long ago. This concerns the fact that, some time ago, the golf industry wasn’t that developed so that it could offer suitable clubs to both left and right handed players. The only ones who could take benefit the most from this were, of course, the right handed ones. Of course, there was no reason for a lefty to try and play golf, but due to the incompatibility between the best used hand and the golf club, one could not have any big success in a competition. Time passed, the industry evolved and nowadays both categories are able to use clubs that best fit their needs, having access to a wide range of types. Continue reading

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A Look at Left Handed Electric Guitars

When speaking about guitars, the most popular ones are those for right handed players. This how things were for quite some time, but now this seems to be changed. Nowadays, there are also guitars for the left handed persons, which make it easier for them to learn and play. Being in many ways the same thing with the writing, given the fact that it’s normal for the right handed to write with their write hand and not the left one, which would be very difficult, it’s no longer a must to learn playing a guitar only as a right handed would. Continue reading

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Welcome to LeftHandedProducts.net

President Barack Obama writes at his desk in the Oval Office 3/3/09.<br />
Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Welcome to Left Handed Products, a site where you will find the best products designed for lefties that are available on the market. It is estimated that around 10% of all people are left-handed, yet many companies still ignore this potential market, designing products which are hard to use by those that favor the left hand. We’re here to show you those products that are both designed for lefties and are well made. Check out our articles to find out more about the products designed for lefties.

If you’re a lefty, or you know someone that is a lefty, then this blog is for you. If you’d like to get regular updates via email or via RSS feed, check out the subscription options from the sidebar.

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